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I helped Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates and Vein Care Specialists create lightweight WordPress themes built on Foundation 5.

I helped Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates create a lightweight WordPress theme to showcase their talents. Built on Foundation 5, they generate a lot of traffic, so JavaScript and CSS are adequately loaded, and deferred users navigate and find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. I’ve worked with Wichita Surgical Specialists, P.A. to create websites that work well for users while helping bolster the Search Engine Ranking Position.

Check it out and see for yourself and see how the various page templates are dramatically different. Utilizing Custom Post types allow the client to easily add, edit and update profiles for physicians and assistants. You can see that the physician’s pages are well-styled. When working on a project like this, it’s a joy to find creative solutions to what clients want, and Zurb does an excellent job helping designers and developers achieve these needs with minimal code markup.

Wichita Surgical Specialists Web Site

VeinCare Specialists

Vein Care Specialists, located in Wichita, Kansas, bring superior medical care to patients at every stage of venous disease. Responsive site built on Zurb’s Foundation framework. Advanced Custom Fields integrated into the WordPress theme so the client can quickly and easily update.

Vein Care Specialists Web Site

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