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This was some work that I did for a hunting a fishing retreat, while I was a Digital Art Director at Associated Integrated Marketing. Turned out very well. I really did try to push for a concept and the star showing the end of shells turned out fantastic. It never did get printed or ran, but I kept this project, because it showcases great art and copy.

Flint Oak Hunting Club is an experience that combines top-notch accommodations, first-class service, and premium hunting and fishing opportunities to satisfy the demands of discerning sportsmen across the country while delivering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It is an exclusive, yet private member hunting club that offers members the opportunity to hunt Whitetail Deer, Wild Hogs, Dove, Pheasants, and Bobwhite Quail. Located in the Kansas Flint Hills, it is a destination for memorable hunting and fine dining. Flint Oak hosts an array of Hunting, Shooting, and Wine Experiences.

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